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Six Months Blogging!!!


Today is my six month blog anniversary…

I’m pretty proud of  myself that I’ve been at this for a whole six months..without any deletions at all! (My default was to write and delete, write and delete…)

I want to say thank you to everyone who has been visiting, and especially to those who have become followers!  It means a lot to me that you are interested in my words and in my thoughts…this is a fairly new experience for me, because I’m learning it’s ok to be visible in this world…I previously believed invisibility was the way to go 😦

I’ve been looking back at my posts, and considering my progress.  As far as Self Care, I can actually say that there has been improvement in that area…in fact, a kind of corner has been turned, in that I have actually established a daily routine that has become important to me, and the whole idea of self care has become something I think about every single day.  That is progress for me! Yay!

And, I’ve been looking at my posts in another way, as well.  Asking myself…are they helpful?  Are they relevant?  I know some have been, and some seem a bit silly, or…don’t have the value I would have liked.  Since one of the big reasons for starting a blog has been to learn to write, to be more effective in my writing, and to practice in an ongoing way, these are questions that I am asking myself as I look back.  Why?  Because I’m the kind of person who likes to improve, and see improvement, in my own life, on an ongoing basis.  I don’t like to stand still very long…I’m always looking for what can I do to be better (at whatever I’m doing).

So, for this next six months, I will be working on writing better, more relevant content, that is both meaningful and important (to some of you, at least.  I know my words will not resonate with everyone who reads them!)

Once again, thank you so much!  for coming along with me on this journey into the blogosphere!  I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and I have realized that the one thing that really brings flow into my life, is my writing.  I’m committing to way more of it!

So, stay tuned!


ps…I would love to hear your thoughts..whatever they are! Please share in the comments!

Still working on it..


I was thinking, that  since I’ve been talking about setting intentions and all that for a New Year, maybe I’d better check in. But, I’m not ‘there’ yet.  Still working on my goals, my intentions, my ‘word’ for this year.  Thankfully, it doesn’t all have to be set in stone on THE FIRST DAY, right?

Thinking about a whole year takes time.  And thought, prayer, journal writing and meditation.  And that’s why I’m not there yet.

New Year’s eve, I ‘attended’ the next door neighbor’s party – without really ever attending.  I live in a townhouse complex so got all the excitement (ok, noise) without even leaving my house.  Trying to pray or write or even THINK on that night was crazy.

New Year’s day, I spent a good amount of the afternoon doing some exercises, writing, and thinking about a ‘word’ that would resonate to me for the year – a suggestion from a friend –  but, I have not been able to come up with just one word, so to heck with it.  Maybe I’ll choose five words that resonate!

Anyhow, I’m scheduling more time this weekend to work on this very important project.  Important to me, at least.  Maybe not to anyone else in the world, but that’s ok, too.

I’ve spent New Years doing these things for many years, already.  I look forward to it, and spending the time reviewing and looking ahead really helps me to focus on goals.  And helps me to feel motivated as well.  Funny how, everywhere you look on the internet, someone else is suggesting doing what I’ve already been doing for decades.  Think I’m ahead of my time?