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A Few Changes of Late..


Hello, Blogworld!

I (keep meaning) to be here more often.  I really do!  But a lot has been going on for me lately, and it’s been keeping pretty busy…

For one thing.  I quit my job.  Now, I know I’ve threatened it, and even attempted it, before now, but now it’s official.  I QUIT.  I, Chere, made the decision to quit a job. My choice.  That has never happened in my life before this day.  You see, somewhere along my life I was taught that if you had a job, no matter how torturous it had become, you never left. No. Matter.What.  You and that job were chained together till death do you part.  So, you might understand now why I had such a terribly difficult time leaving.  But, I did it.  My last day is Oct. 15th.  Hooray!

And, in the meantime, something completely out of the blue transpired.  You might remember, many months ago, I was posting information from a site called wishsummit.com .  This site is a site on women’s health.  WISH stands for Women’s International Summits for Health.  And I was so impressed by the summits I listened in on, that I wrote them a letter.  I explained my strengths and experience and asked them if I they might have any volunteer work that I could do.  Lo and behold, before I turned around, the founder had written me back and asked me to be involved in creating the next summit.  The summit that is coming up in October, on ADD/ADHD/Autism.  And so, I’ve been pretty busy.  No, not pretty busy.  Really, really busy!!!

And, this amazing volunteer opportunity has turned into a full time position.  Yep.  As I write this, I have been working my butt off making sure that this ADD summit coming up, ROCKS!  I am in training at the moment, working alongside the founder of WISH herself, the most amazing woman I have met in a very long time.  A complete ROCKSTAR!   I am learning a TON of new stuff, it’s more than a bit overwhelming, but so much fun!

And so, ahem, I would like you to meet  the new Director of WISH, at wishsummit.com .  Yes, I know.  I can barely believe it myself.  And I haven’t wanted to say a WORD to anyone, in case I jinxed the whole thing.  But instead, I’m putting my intention ‘out there’.  This is BIG.  Really, really big, and I intend to ROCK this job to the moon and back.

So, stay tuned, blog-o-sphere!  I’ll be posting, and sharing all the GREAT things coming up with you.

Best WISHes,



“Earthing” The New Term for Walking Barefoot in the Grass


Earlier today, I came across an article about ‘Earthing’ – walking outside in your bare feet.  Yep.  It talked about how as a society we are always inside…and when we do go outside we have shoes on..so we are not connecting with the earth.  It went on to say that the earth gives off good electrons that our body needs….electrons that enable our auto immune system to stay healthy.

Here is an excerpt that I have cut and pasted from Dr. Mercola’s website:

It is known that the Earth maintains a negative electrical potential on its surface. When you are in direct contact with the ground (walking, sitting, or laying down on the earth’s surface) the earth’s electrons are conducted to your body, bringing it to the same electrical potential as the earth. Living in direct contact with the earth grounds your body, inducing favorable physiological and electrophysiological changes that promote optimum health.

There is an emerging science documenting how conductive contact with the Earth, which  is also known as Earthing or grounding, is highly beneficial to your health and completely safe. Earthing appears to minimize the consequences of exposure to potentially disruptive fields like “electromagnetic pollution” or “dirty electricity.”

Some of the recent evidence supporting this approach involves multiple studies documenting Earthing’s improvement in blood viscosity, heart rate variability, inflammation, cortisol dynamics, sleep, autonomic nervous system (ANS) balance, and reduced effects of stress.

The Ultimate Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory

Grounding or Earthing is defined as placing one’s bare feet on the ground whether it be dirt, grass, sand or concrete (especially when humid or wet). When you ground to the electron-enriched earth, an improved balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system occurs.

The Earth is a natural source of electrons and subtle electrical fields, which are essential for proper functioning of immune systems, circulation, synchronization of biorhythms and other physiological processes and may actually be the most effective, essential, least expensive, and easiest to attain antioxidant.

Modern science has thoroughly documented the connection between inflammation and all of the chronic diseases, including the diseases of aging and the aging process itself. It is important to understand that inflammation is a condition that can be reduced or prevented by grounding your body to the Earth, the way virtually all of your ancestors have done for hundreds if not thousands of generations.

There seems to be a whole lot of people realizing the importance of getting back to nature and a previous ‘way of being’…..whether it be via “Earthing”, eating more raw foods, incorporating homemade bone broths into our diets,  eating fermented foods for the nutritional value, even showering in cold water!  I might be nuts, but something about this way of being resonates with me.  Now, I don’t do all of those things, but I have begun to incorporate some of them into my day.  Today, in fact, I walked barefoot at the beach and through the grass in the park nearby.  It was wonderful to feel the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair, see the cloudless blue sky.  Let’s face it…many of us do spend too much time inside!  This has been something I am guilty of…going from home to work to home again…

I’ve made a commitment to myself to re-enter the world of Nature this summer.  To get out of the house as often as I can.  Now, with where I am living, there are a multitude of lovely places to walk, and I’ve been walking a different path every day.

What makes me sad, though, is that we need to be reminded to do things that came naturally to us as children (at least in my generation).  When I was a little girl we spent the whole day outside in the summer..and late into the evening as well.  I remember lying on the grass in the daytime cloud-watching…and in the nighttime, studying the stars in awe.  Fresh air and sunshine were two things we naturally took for granted back then.  It seems that we are a society that is losing this way of living….and all the natural health benefits that went along with it.

When experts are having to write articles about the importance of walking barefoot in the grass….I know there’s something wrong that needs to be put right again….

So…go outside!  Take those shoes off and feel the bare earth beneath your feet!  It’s actually good for you!  🙂

I Wait…Why Do I Wait?



in my neuroses,

I wait.

I wait for others

to tell me

I’m worthy.

Why, oh why

do I still wait?

Have I not learned

that as long as I

am ok with myself

then, I AM OK?

But still

I wait.

I drive myself crazy

with the waiting


I know it’s not healthy

and though I try not to,


I wait.

Life can be

a struggle


The Wisdom of The Body…


Dear Body,

Are you there?


I feel lumpy today.

Maybe the way you’ve been eating this past week?

Past two weeks, actually, and yes.  I really lost touch with you.  Even with the visualizations, I lost touch with you.  I’m sorry.  I guess I let the visualizations take over, thinking they’d have the same effect as me loving on you.  They don’t.

Live and learn, hey?

Yes. Live and learn.  I really don’t feel well.  My tummy hurts.  I feel bloated.  But I got tired of all that ‘good’ food!  I wanted ‘bad’ food!

It’ll take some time to make changes, don’t be hard on yourself. What’s wonderful is that you are able, after only two weeks, to re-connect with me.  That never used to happen…

Yes, I will be happy about that.  But, how do I lose the cravings for the not-so-good stuff?

Be mindful.  Be mindful of what I tell you I want and need.  And then (and this seems a bit funny) ask the food you are about to put in to your mouth.  Ask the potato chips.  Ask the ice cream…..what are you going to do for my body?  And from there, you can make a plain choice.  The most important thing is that what you put into your mouth is  a conscious choice.  Not a mindless act.

But, if I keep messing up, how will I get anywhere?

With time.  And practice.  And patience.  Most of all,  with love.  I did not get  into this state overnight.  It was years of mindlessness.  It will take time.  And persistence.   And deciding to never give up, no matter how big the mess-up seems.

But, I want it now!

Everyone wants it now.  That’s the society we find ourselves in.  But now often means beating up on me to get to where you want. Or starving me.  Or pushing me too hard.  You don’t have to beat up on me to get to the place you wish to be.  I’m not that stubborn.  I do want what you want.  I’ve always wanted it.  You just haven’t been in the same mind, until now.  But, the undoing of all that has gone before will take patience.  Once I really begin to feel safe, you will see changes. I promise.

Do you feel safe?

Not entirely, no.  Safer than I ever have before.  But I guess I need some proof that you are really, finally, in this with me.  That we’re finally working toward the same goal.  The goal of better health.  The fact that you’ve been eating poorly again, and have realized it quite quickly, and are here right now….that speaks volumes.  This is the kind of behavior I need to see…consistently.  Then I will believe.

Hey, body?  I’m really, truly sorry for all these years that have passed that I have not been able to acknowledge you.

I know that.  I’m just really glad you’ve arrived in the place where you can now see that I am alive, and wishing to have a relationship with you.  Thank you so much for the BodyLove that you’ve been doing.  It means a whole lot to me.

Thank you so much for everything.  I’m glad we’re once again on the same page.

Me too.

I love you, body. I appreciate you so much.

Thank you, Chere.  That means a lot.  I love you, as well.  Very, very much.  And it makes me so happy that we’re working together, now.  The slip ups don’t matter….as long as you keep on loving me despite them…as long as you recognize them and come home to me again….

Big hugs, beautiful body.

Hugs right back! 🙂


listen to your body

Day Four – Green Smoothies – It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green!


Well, I’m sitting here drinking my fourth day green smoothie..and wondering what today will bring.  Yesterday I felt like C.R.A.P.  Headache, body aches, bloated, and crazy irritable.  Don’t Even Look At Me Irritable!!!  Thankfully I spent the morning with my grandbaby who always gives me joy no matter how I’m feeling…..but then I went to work…and….yeahhhhh.  I’m hoping today might be over-the-hump day…?

Today my smoothie contains celery, cabbage, broccoli stalks (yeah, I usually save them for soup, but since I ran out of kale, I cut a few inches off), lemon juice, kiwi, half a green apple, and a handful each of rasperries and blueberries.  Tastes great – and I think I’ll keep doing around 50 % of fruit and veggies for awhile…I really couldn’t stomach that one day of only blended raw veggies!

Even with the detox experience, I’m feeling GREAT about doing this.   So, it’s a few days of discomfort.  The end justifies the means, in my opinion.  I’ll be extra good to myself in the meantime.  And drink more water, which I also read is important during this time.

I don’t think I’ve EVER in my life eaten this many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, so I do really feel like I’m doing something good for me.  It’s gotta be worth it, right?

I’ll keep you posted!

Slow And Steady, Cher –


In the past few weeks, I have  created two other blogs.  I won’t share them just yet, because they’re in the newest stages and I’m not quite ready.  And not quite sure I actually want to be working on 3 blogs!

While it could be exciting, (ok, exciting to me, maybe not so much to you!)  it’s also a bit crazy of me.  A bit over-zealous. I get that way, sometimes. I get excited about a particular thing, and go all out.  And get burnt out, real quick.  So the other two are just going to sit on the back burner for a bit.  This will remain my main one for now.  I’m going to try to slow myself down somewhat, and go about this whole brand new venture with clarity and intention.  Those are two virtues, after all, that I’m trying to incorporate into my self care plan.  So, stay tuned, and IF I decide to share one or both of them, I will post the link here…maybe…someday in the not so distant future…

So, how’s self care going for me?  I feel like on one hand, I’m doing great.  On the exercise front, not so much. Somehow my good intentions started slipping away this past week.  A few new excuses emerged out of no where, and I found myself actually giving in to being ok with feeling like a slug some days 😦

Yesterday was one of those.  An intentional pyjama day  (hey, I had to do my laundry!)  that turned into a day that I wasted doing unproductive things.  Sometimes I do get stuck in that unproductive place.  And by the end of those days, I feel, overall, yuck.  Some part of me absolutely hates wasted days! But still, I seem to have too many of them for my liking.  So what is it that causes those, and how do I change it?

One thing I’ve thought of is I possibly need to re-new my plan.  Making plans is a somewhat new concept for me, honestly.  I have mostly lived life by the seat of my pants, taking what comes as ‘what’s meant to be.’  And I’m learning that is not always the case.  I’ve struggled with making decisions, and I’m learning that not making a decision is in fact, deciding – to do nothing.  And doing nothing gets you nothing.  And I’m tired of nothingness!

So, today, right here, in front of you all, I’m renewing my exercise plan.  Yup, Chere, you can so do this!  Qi Gong and walking – I’m committing to those two things.  Even if only 10 minutes a day, I Will Do Them. Both.

One last thing.  What if I just need to change my perspective on what a wasted day is?  I got my laundry done, after all.  And I listened to a few more audios on women’s health from the WISH Summit.   And I baked banana bread, made dinner, and a bunch of other stuff. So, really, what do I believe a productive day ‘should’ look like, after all?  And why am I ‘shoulding’ myself, anyhow?

Something to think about…yes?


Must I Really Eat Dirt?


I have to say it was difficult, after my very lovely long weekend off, complete with radiant sunshine, family time, and loads of intentional self care – to come back down and join the ‘real world’ today.  I struggled being at work where there are so many unknowns right now. Actually being there just kind of  dragged me down, today.  I was being harshly reminded that oh yeah…so this is reality!

I came home feeling  very low energy.  So, I had a nap.  Sometimes, you just have to take a nap!    And I do feel somewhat better.  I’m thinking that  having four days of absolute bliss can cause one feel the drudgery of real life.   I guess you could say those four days were like a mini vacation, and today I had a hard time re-starting.  It happens to the best of us…

So, I won’t ‘eat dirt’ (that is, have to nullify all the good I experienced while I was off).  Instead, I’ll remember with fondness the loveliness of those days, and do my best to try to re-create them as often as I can.  And now that Spring is here, and the days are longer and getting warmer, taking myself outside and into nature is a lot easier and more fun.  And with the ocean fifteen minutes one way, and the forests fifteen minutes the other way – I have no excuses!