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Day Four – Green Smoothies – It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green!


Well, I’m sitting here drinking my fourth day green smoothie..and wondering what today will bring.  Yesterday I felt like C.R.A.P.  Headache, body aches, bloated, and crazy irritable.  Don’t Even Look At Me Irritable!!!  Thankfully I spent the morning with my grandbaby who always gives me joy no matter how I’m feeling…..but then I went to work…and….yeahhhhh.  I’m hoping today might be over-the-hump day…?

Today my smoothie contains celery, cabbage, broccoli stalks (yeah, I usually save them for soup, but since I ran out of kale, I cut a few inches off), lemon juice, kiwi, half a green apple, and a handful each of rasperries and blueberries.  Tastes great – and I think I’ll keep doing around 50 % of fruit and veggies for awhile…I really couldn’t stomach that one day of only blended raw veggies!

Even with the detox experience, I’m feeling GREAT about doing this.   So, it’s a few days of discomfort.  The end justifies the means, in my opinion.  I’ll be extra good to myself in the meantime.  And drink more water, which I also read is important during this time.

I don’t think I’ve EVER in my life eaten this many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, so I do really feel like I’m doing something good for me.  It’s gotta be worth it, right?

I’ll keep you posted!


Health Update – Green Smoothies, Here I Come!


Well, this past week I took the plunge.  Daily green smoothies.  Yup.  This is day 3.  First day was kale, celery, banana, kiwi and green apple.  Pretty decent tasting!  Day two, ALL veggies…and way too thick and Ewwwwwww!!!!!!  Picture ground up veggies you have to eat with a spoon.  Enuf said.  Tonight, a handful of cabbage, some kale and a celery stalk, half a green apple, lemon juice, and a handful of blueberries thrown in at the end.  Plus two cups of water.  Pretty good, actually.  But maybe a bit too thin.

The first day and yesterday I felt fine…but today I have felt overall flu-ish..(and kinda grumpy!)   Apparently as you begin to detox you can feel a bit ‘off’ and today I do.  So, that’s a good thing, I suppose.

My son Evan is drinking them with me.  Apparently, as I’ve been researching them on my computer, he’s been doing the same thing!  It’s nice to have  the company…

I’m really loving this, so far.  It’s so easy to drink my veggies and fruit!  Requires hardly any prep, minimal dishes to wash (LOVE that part!)..I don’t have to come up with a plan for how to creatively cook veggies for dinner (I’m really bad at that, by the way)….and I’m doing something good for my body.  Wish I’d done this sooner!

Here’s a great list of the  benefits of green smoothies if you’re interested!  Green Smoothie Benefits