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Slow And Steady, Cher –


In the past few weeks, I have  created two other blogs.  I won’t share them just yet, because they’re in the newest stages and I’m not quite ready.  And not quite sure I actually want to be working on 3 blogs!

While it could be exciting, (ok, exciting to me, maybe not so much to you!)  it’s also a bit crazy of me.  A bit over-zealous. I get that way, sometimes. I get excited about a particular thing, and go all out.  And get burnt out, real quick.  So the other two are just going to sit on the back burner for a bit.  This will remain my main one for now.  I’m going to try to slow myself down somewhat, and go about this whole brand new venture with clarity and intention.  Those are two virtues, after all, that I’m trying to incorporate into my self care plan.  So, stay tuned, and IF I decide to share one or both of them, I will post the link here…maybe…someday in the not so distant future…

So, how’s self care going for me?  I feel like on one hand, I’m doing great.  On the exercise front, not so much. Somehow my good intentions started slipping away this past week.  A few new excuses emerged out of no where, and I found myself actually giving in to being ok with feeling like a slug some days 😦

Yesterday was one of those.  An intentional pyjama day  (hey, I had to do my laundry!)  that turned into a day that I wasted doing unproductive things.  Sometimes I do get stuck in that unproductive place.  And by the end of those days, I feel, overall, yuck.  Some part of me absolutely hates wasted days! But still, I seem to have too many of them for my liking.  So what is it that causes those, and how do I change it?

One thing I’ve thought of is I possibly need to re-new my plan.  Making plans is a somewhat new concept for me, honestly.  I have mostly lived life by the seat of my pants, taking what comes as ‘what’s meant to be.’  And I’m learning that is not always the case.  I’ve struggled with making decisions, and I’m learning that not making a decision is in fact, deciding – to do nothing.  And doing nothing gets you nothing.  And I’m tired of nothingness!

So, today, right here, in front of you all, I’m renewing my exercise plan.  Yup, Chere, you can so do this!  Qi Gong and walking – I’m committing to those two things.  Even if only 10 minutes a day, I Will Do Them. Both.

One last thing.  What if I just need to change my perspective on what a wasted day is?  I got my laundry done, after all.  And I listened to a few more audios on women’s health from the WISH Summit.   And I baked banana bread, made dinner, and a bunch of other stuff. So, really, what do I believe a productive day ‘should’ look like, after all?  And why am I ‘shoulding’ myself, anyhow?

Something to think about…yes?