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What have I done Right?


In reviewing this past year, I ask myself – what have I done right?  It’s important to do so, I think, because I believe we are mostly not in the habit of patting ourselves on the back.  And that’s important.  So, here’s my list:

1.  Taking babysteps, I have begun to learn all about the holistic way of life.  I’ve never been interested in this way, before now. There is a lot to learn.  But I have begun implementing ever-so-small changes in the way I go about my daily way.  Good changes.  Changes that, in the long run, will make a difference.

2.  I studied and began to practice qi gong.  Amazing, amazing, amazing.  Life changing.

3. I completed a 10 week program, complete with certificate, on Professional Communication.  It was hard.  It was incredibly stressful.  I got sick from the stress not once, but twice.  But I did it.  Confidence grew.  Resolve strengthened.

4. I built, and am building a lovely relationship with my baby grandson.  I will be there for him, God willing, as long as I possibly can.  My children did not have grandparents in their lives.

5. I devoured every book I could get my hands on…and will continue to devour.  Books on leadership are the ones I crave right now.  The human energy system also fascinates me.

6.  I became a certified  Reiki Karuna Master – energy healer, for those who aren’t sure what that is.

7. I was open to learning more about myself at every turn, and in every situation that presented itself to me.

8.  I handled a few difficult conversations – the type of conversations I would previously do everything I could to avoid.

9. I loved my children well, I hope.  I guess one would have to ask them – but I feel good about who I am as a mother.

10. I re-organized and re-formatted an entire office for a non profit organization.  I discovered skills I never knew I had!

I’m happy I’ve found this many.  I know there must be many more, but ten is a good number…

stay tuned…


p.s. One of the harder things I must add – I forgave.  Forgiving is not easy, and it took a long time to arrive.  But, I arrived.  Even to the place where I can now feel compassion on those who hurt me.  That’s how I know I’ve forgiven…