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Struggling Today…


I’m having a really difficult time with this whole work situation.  I’m obsessing about it, and that’s just not good.  It’s Saturday, for crying out loud, and I should not be even thinking about this!  But, the whole situation (which is much bigger than my friend leaving), is causing me quite a bit of grief.

How do I manage this?  I’m truly not sure if I should stay, or if I should go.  My friend thinks I should ‘wait it out’ a bit longer, to see what happens.  But how?  I mean, I wake up in the middle of the night fretting about it…how’s it going to go, what direction are we going in, who’s gonna lead us through, are we gonna make it……it’s CRAZY stressful.

Trust.  It’s all I can do, is trust that even though everything is nuts right now, God is still in control.  My fretting is only hurting me…no one else.  Can I leave this behind, at least while I’m not at work?

The MOST frustrating and mind-boggling thing is, they have decided to let go the ONE person who could have successfully led us through this time of transition.  Yes, my friend WAS that one person.  THAT is what’s eating me up inside.  So where does that leave us?  Right back at square one……I could tear my own hair out right now….

But, instead, I’m off for a long walk.  I’ll walk it off, and every step I take will represent the anger and frustration I’m feeling inside me right now…