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The Black Hole of Loneliness


Once upon a time,

when I was far, far away from myself,

I was lonely.

And that loneliness

swallowed me up

into a deep, black hole.

It terrified me,

and I would stop at nothing

to avoid

being alone.

To be alone

was to be desperate

and empty

and lost.


I began to learn

that the answer to my loneliness

was inside me.

Getting to know myself

learning to love myself

looking at myself in the mirror

and saying, I really like you!

Now, when loneliness drops by,

as it sometimes does,

it doesn’t frighten me

at all.

Because now I believe

that the very one I was lonely for

was me.


To The Women I Love…and All Women, Everywhere…



do we insist

that we’re not enough?

Not beautiful enough,

not smart enough

not rich enough


We dwell

on the smallest freckle

or a few grey hairs

or the tiny wrinkles

around our eyes

or other things that

we should, instead,

be celebrating.

When if we could

only understand

we are so much more

than those things

we find fault with.

If we could see

really see

our own brilliance

the way our soul shines

sending out it’s light

to all around us

we would know

without a doubt

that we are, truly,