A Few Changes of Late..


Hello, Blogworld!

I (keep meaning) to be here more often.  I really do!  But a lot has been going on for me lately, and it’s been keeping pretty busy…

For one thing.  I quit my job.  Now, I know I’ve threatened it, and even attempted it, before now, but now it’s official.  I QUIT.  I, Chere, made the decision to quit a job. My choice.  That has never happened in my life before this day.  You see, somewhere along my life I was taught that if you had a job, no matter how torturous it had become, you never left. No. Matter.What.  You and that job were chained together till death do you part.  So, you might understand now why I had such a terribly difficult time leaving.  But, I did it.  My last day is Oct. 15th.  Hooray!

And, in the meantime, something completely out of the blue transpired.  You might remember, many months ago, I was posting information from a site called wishsummit.com .  This site is a site on women’s health.  WISH stands for Women’s International Summits for Health.  And I was so impressed by the summits I listened in on, that I wrote them a letter.  I explained my strengths and experience and asked them if I they might have any volunteer work that I could do.  Lo and behold, before I turned around, the founder had written me back and asked me to be involved in creating the next summit.  The summit that is coming up in October, on ADD/ADHD/Autism.  And so, I’ve been pretty busy.  No, not pretty busy.  Really, really busy!!!

And, this amazing volunteer opportunity has turned into a full time position.  Yep.  As I write this, I have been working my butt off making sure that this ADD summit coming up, ROCKS!  I am in training at the moment, working alongside the founder of WISH herself, the most amazing woman I have met in a very long time.  A complete ROCKSTAR!   I am learning a TON of new stuff, it’s more than a bit overwhelming, but so much fun!

And so, ahem, I would like you to meet  the new Director of WISH, at wishsummit.com .  Yes, I know.  I can barely believe it myself.  And I haven’t wanted to say a WORD to anyone, in case I jinxed the whole thing.  But instead, I’m putting my intention ‘out there’.  This is BIG.  Really, really big, and I intend to ROCK this job to the moon and back.

So, stay tuned, blog-o-sphere!  I’ll be posting, and sharing all the GREAT things coming up with you.

Best WISHes,




About chere

Hi there! My name is Chere, and I love to write, and initially created this blog to do just that - write! I am first and foremost a mom of 3 amazing young adults, 2 great children - in - law, and 4 grandbabies that are the love of my life! I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher, and a part-time virtual assistant. I live in beautiful Victoria, BC and I'm just a gal who's been around and learned a few things along the way. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy! Chere

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  1. well Chere
    , it seems it is about putting it out to the universe and trusting the energy will find you. It did. congrats for following your heart and hearing that voice inside.

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