The Black Hole of Loneliness


Once upon a time,

when I was far, far away from myself,

I was lonely.

And that loneliness

swallowed me up

into a deep, black hole.

It terrified me,

and I would stop at nothing

to avoid

being alone.

To be alone

was to be desperate

and empty

and lost.


I began to learn

that the answer to my loneliness

was inside me.

Getting to know myself

learning to love myself

looking at myself in the mirror

and saying, I really like you!

Now, when loneliness drops by,

as it sometimes does,

it doesn’t frighten me

at all.

Because now I believe

that the very one I was lonely for

was me.



About chere

Hi there! My name is Chere, and I love to write, and initially created this blog to do just that - write! I am first and foremost a mom of 3 amazing young adults, 2 great children - in - law, and 4 grandbabies that are the love of my life! I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher, and a part-time virtual assistant. I live in beautiful Victoria, BC and I'm just a gal who's been around and learned a few things along the way. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy! Chere

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  1. Thanks Laurie! I sense from our comments back and forth that we have had similar, profound healing journeys….so nice to meet a fellow traveller! 🙂

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