Day Four – Green Smoothies – It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Green!


Well, I’m sitting here drinking my fourth day green smoothie..and wondering what today will bring.  Yesterday I felt like C.R.A.P.  Headache, body aches, bloated, and crazy irritable.  Don’t Even Look At Me Irritable!!!  Thankfully I spent the morning with my grandbaby who always gives me joy no matter how I’m feeling…..but then I went to work…and….yeahhhhh.  I’m hoping today might be over-the-hump day…?

Today my smoothie contains celery, cabbage, broccoli stalks (yeah, I usually save them for soup, but since I ran out of kale, I cut a few inches off), lemon juice, kiwi, half a green apple, and a handful each of rasperries and blueberries.  Tastes great – and I think I’ll keep doing around 50 % of fruit and veggies for awhile…I really couldn’t stomach that one day of only blended raw veggies!

Even with the detox experience, I’m feeling GREAT about doing this.   So, it’s a few days of discomfort.  The end justifies the means, in my opinion.  I’ll be extra good to myself in the meantime.  And drink more water, which I also read is important during this time.

I don’t think I’ve EVER in my life eaten this many fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, so I do really feel like I’m doing something good for me.  It’s gotta be worth it, right?

I’ll keep you posted!


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