Daily Archives: March 22, 2013

My Short ‘Break’ – and a time to ponder…


Recently, I received a couple of blog critiques – one especially that sort of stopped me in my tracks.  It was suggested that my blog entries were too – negative.  And the other suggestion was that there was no ‘call to action’.    I was a bit confused at first, until I realized that both of these critiques came from business people, who had blogs that were trying to sell something to someone, or teach, or train….or…make a living!

I was a bit thrown off, thus I have not created a post.  I even asked a couple of my followers if they felt the same.  (Yes, I actually DO have a couple of followers! 🙂  And they did not agree, and they gently reminded me that this was my personal journey into the land of extreme self care.  It is not meant to be a business blog.  I’m not trying to sell you anything.  And yes, some days I do feel a bit out of sorts, especially when progress on what I’m trying to accomplish here has been slow..or stalled entirely.  But I also think on those days I try to end my post on a high note, by ending with something I have learned, or something else I might try….

So, for anyone that might have been wondering, this is NOT a business blog.  This is my personal story, and I’m writing this just as much for myself as I am for anyone else.  I’m writing about this to keep it out in front of me, because I’ve learned that that is how we create new pathways in the brain.  With repetition.  And perseverance.  And believe me when I tell you, I know this.  Because in the past ten years I have had to create a multitude of new neuropathways in my brain, and have been able to do so successfully.  How?  By keeping the very thing/belief/perception I’m trying to change right out in front of me, almost daily.  That’s how change has happened for me.

Some of my posts may have negative words in them.  Because perhaps, some days I’m feeling negative!  That’s what a personal journey is all about, isn’t it?  Sharing the good with the bad? So after some pondering, here I am, back again, and I’m not about to change anything.  If you happen upon this blog and find my story even a bit encouraging or inspiring, that’s great!  But if you don’t, then, well, just blog-on-by.  I won’t be offended in the least!