Would LOVE to say making new habits is Easy…


Old habits die hard.  At least, that’s what it feels like the past few days.  Been choosing computer games over moving these past few evenings.  Ate a rather large bowl of ice cream last night, which, had I taken the time to find out what was going on inside, could have been avoided.  But, no.  I was not intentional.  And intentional is what I desire to be, as often as I can, especially in those moments when old habits wish to take over…

So, here I am.  I’m realizing more and more that I come here to stay on/or get back on track.  Seeing this stuff right here on the screen is getting it out of me and making it real.  Writing it out helps those niggly feelings to rise up to the top so I can’t stuff them.  Cause if there was a career out there that involved stuffing feelings, I’d be making millions. Yes.  I’m that good.

I’m bummed that I’m not here to tell you all how great I’m doing.  Ugh.  But, I’ll remind myself once again that new habits take time.  And it’s ok to stumble and fall.  As long as I don’t lay there in the dirt and feel sorry for myself.  As long as I get up and remind myself what I’m trying to do here, and dust myself off and keep going forward.

It’s gonna be ok, Cher.  I promise.  It’s been a few days of not being mindful, but that’s ok.  It’s ok not to get it absolutely right every single time.  I know I can do this.  I AM doing this.  I’ve already been through hell and I survived.  I’ve already proved to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to.  One babystep at a time……



About chere

Hi there! My name is Chere, and I love to write, and initially created this blog to do just that - write! I am first and foremost a mom of 3 amazing young adults, 2 great children - in - law, and 4 grandbabies that are the love of my life! I am also a Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher, and a part-time virtual assistant. I live in beautiful Victoria, BC and I'm just a gal who's been around and learned a few things along the way. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy! Chere

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  1. Things take time, and IT IS OKAY to stumble, fall down, and get depressed, as long as you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and try, try again. Know that.

  2. Chere – Hi ! Somehow we got connected through Twitter, which led me to your blog. Interestingly, I have also created a blog, with the very same picture! Alas, mine is named anonymously, and I keep erasing my posts….something to ponder in that, for sure. I can’t seem to get past the part of questioning, why to blog? Certainly it is a way of recording reflections, putting the questions out there, perhaps connecting with others of like mind, ‘keeping yourself on track’ as you have said. But 3 times in the last year I have succumbed to the two poison oak questions, the one that spit out from some deep inner place – ‘What are you saying?! and What is it worth to anyone?’ But your blog invalidates that inner voice. You pose some of the very same questions, and relate issues that mirror my own! And you do it very well, I might add. Bravo!

    But that’s part of the issue, isn’t it? Being brave enough to put yourself out there (with your own name) and to unearth the truth within. And that is where I cringe…. away from the spotlight on me, looking for the trees to hide behind 🙂 But perhaps you have given me the model to work from.
    Today I have read through all of your posts with great interest – with your focus on ‘worth’, on change and staying the course. Thank you.

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