Daily Archives: March 8, 2013

When Doing Everything Right Still Doesn’t Work!


I’m stopping by to write a short post today, trying to ‘keep up’.  I’ve been sick all week, and am fighting discouragement.  I’ve been really trying to do the best I can with my self care – getting enough sleep, exercising, being mindful….and still…I get sick.  Ugh.

If truth be told, this cold I’ve gotten didn’t ever really leave.  I got a bad cold two months ago and since then, even though most symptoms went away, my throat remained scratchy and my glands sore.  I guess it’s just kind of hit me all over again.

So, what do I still need to do differently?  There’s been quite a bit of stress at work, and I thought I was handling it ok, but maybe I’m not.  Last week I did not sleep well at all….which was probably just enough to bring my immune system down so that the cold could smack me again.   And days have been really busy.  Between trying to make up hours at work for some schooling I did last fall, and keeping up with a toddler on days I’m not at work, (my grandson, that is) I seem to still be going at full speed.  And I need to figure out how to slow down some.  I’m just not really sure how to do that…yet.

But, conversations have begun with my boss about my work hours.  That’s a start.  I’m only paid part time hours where I am, but have been at work wayyy more than I think I need to be.  And maybe it’s time to just start saying NO. (But I’m just so good at saying YES!)

My friend said to me the other day…”you’re not doing badly at self care…it’s just that your stressful life is catching up”.  I have not in a very long while, until this past year, considered myself to have a stressful life.  And I have to say, I don’t like it one bit…

So, still, changes to be made.  It’s most likely true that self care is always something that I will be monitoring, changing and refining…as my life changes from day to day.  It’s something we all must stay aware of, I believe.

On a high note, though…I’ve lost 11.5 lbs!  I felt like I had lost some, but I don’t own a scale, so only weigh myself when I go to the doctor’s which is where I was today.  And I’m believing that weight loss IS a result of good self care, and not a result of stress.